What can replace lunges: exercises in the gym

What can replace lunges: exercises in the gym

If you’re exercising at home, we’ve already talked about how to use a barbell or barbell instead of lunges. Today, we analyze with experts what can help you change while exercising at the gym.

The lung needs to be replaced for one of two reasons: You want to add variety to your workout, or you have a health condition like knee pain.

What can replace lunges with dumbbells?

What can replace lunges with dumbbells?

Whether a free weight lunge is necessary or replaced with something depends on the training program. This is one of the basic exercises for legs, thighs and butt, but it is certainly not the only exercise.

Lunges are a global exercise aimed at increasing the strength and endurance of the leg muscles. It can be used in exercise, muscle hypertrophy (augmentation) or weight loss programs. The change depends on the purpose of your education. If for some reason you cannot work with weights, replace them with other simulators and exercises.

What simulators are useful for replacement

The main difference between the exercises on the simulators is that they focus on the isolated work of a particular muscle. Therefore, in order to use all muscle groups that are active during the lunges, you need to use several exercises on the simulators.

  • Foot press in the simulator – the back of the thigh works less compared to the lungs
  • Simulator of hyperextension (bend in the abdomen) – the anterior surface of the thigh (quadriceps) is not included.
  • Leg extension in a seated simulator – only quadriceps works
  • Bend legs in the lying simulator – only the back of the hips and buttocks works
  • Block simulators and crossovers do not appear to be designed for leg exercises. However, they contain special cuffs that allow you to rotate your feet back, forward and sideways. The cuffs must be fitted in place of the lower handle.

As you can see, to get the same effect on the lungs, you need to do 2-3 exercises. Sergey Kiselev recalls that the only thing that cannot be changed is the active work of the stabilizing muscles. – the simulator already has a certain path of movement, and the active participation of these muscles in the work makes no sense.

What to replace barbell lunges with

Smith’s Simulator – a bar attached to a guide bar – allows you to maximize lung immobilization and bring the work in the simulator closer to training with free weights.

The Smith machine is a large rack with a barbell mounted on vertical sliders, which means your bar cannot go left or right. – Here you can hit the deepest and most effective. Without this simulator, even with a barbell, you would not be able to take such a step, because it would be a very unstable position. The only downside is that the Smith machine doesn’t work the core muscles to maintain balance.

How to replace lunges if they cause discomfort?

How to replace lunges if they cause discomfort?

Consult a doctor and check the condition of the musculoskeletal system. It should not be done carefully and meticulously before a diagnosis is made.

  • Replace lunges with deadlifts from stands. This exercise is similar to lunges, but part of the load is transferred to the back, and the barbell supports reduce the amplitude of flexion at the knee
  • Reduce or remove the barbell and dumbbells
  • Perform lunges in static: without a step, fixing the feet one in front of the other
  • Go down half or even a third of the usual
  • Do exercises in simulators for flexion and extension of the legs with minimal or no weights
  • Pump your legs with swings on the lower block or in a crossover
  • When performing a glute bridge on a mat, place a weight on your stomach, such as a barbell disc

Lunges for scoliosis

Recommendations for teaching scoliosis are individual and can only be given after a medical diagnosis. The coach needs to understand what he is doing. Is functional scoliosis related to muscle balance or is it an idiopathic condition with impaired bone structure? How bad is scoliosis? Is it still a teenager or is it an adult? Lungs can be one of many exercises for a particular person, but they are not essential in correcting scoliosis.

Lunges with intervertebral hernia

Surprisingly, with this disease, doctors do not always prohibit attacks. If you have a hernia and it has not bothered you in any way for several years, and your level of physical fitness and technique is sufficient to perform the exercise, then there are no specific contraindications to this exercise. But if your doctor allows you to start exercising after a lumbar stiffness associated with a hernia, you should start with simpler exercises on mats and simulators. After a while, go into the dive, first with no weight and then with a light load.

Which lunges are more difficult: with dumbbells or a barbell?

Which lunges are more difficult: with dumbbells or a barbell?

This question is often asked by people who have problems with the musculoskeletal system to choose an exercise that is less traumatic for them.

Barbell lunges are harder than barbells because the bar is shoulder height and the center of gravity is very high. Dumbbells are in a neutral position in the arms, below the waist or in the center of gravity. In addition, the weight of the bar is much larger than the bar, and the load on the joints is stronger.

If exercise causes discomfort or even pain, in any case, replace it with the options recommended above so as not to worsen your health. Once you have identified the source of the pain and strengthened your muscles with other movements, you can safely turn back.