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How does the Health Plan Finder work  in Washington State.

The wait is over for the Washington Health Benefit Exchange!  Take care of your medical insurance needs now!

It is important however to know what your options are both now and next year.

It all started Oct. 1, 2013, anyone can shop for a health plan on the Washington State's Health Plan Finder a new online marketplace. Just give me a call 425 256 2449 or fill out the form below and I can help you start the process.  If you purchase on that web site coverage can only begin Jan 1st 2014. If you need coverage before that date we can help you find a short term plan from local insurance companies or a comprehensive  medical insurance plan from companies like Lifewise  Regence and GroupHealth.

You will have the ability to pick an insurance agent at no additional cost to help you with your analysis and support even after you have made a purchase. If you would like our help just choose LOUIS HAMMER when prompted for an insurance agent on your application.
Benefits include:

  • Compare health plans, apples-to-apples
  • Subsidies based on your income to help you afford coverage
  • Four levels of coverage to choose from depending on the level of cost sharing you'd like
  • Free, unbiased assistance to help you understand your choices

You also can buy a health plan from an insurer that is not participating in the new Healthplanfinder, however these plans may not have four levels of cost-sharing and there's no financial assistance.

As an insurance agent I am licensed to assist with the purchase both on and off the exchange. If you wish I can help you compare all options to see which option is best for you.

Here is an example of how I can help you. 

Many people would like to know things like how much your health insurance might cost and if you may be eligible for financial help.
Just use this cost calculator to find out. I can then help you determine based on your personal needs which plan and company would be the best match. Feel free to contact me via the form below for a free personal over the phone consultation or allow me to run some additional quotes for you.


Before Jan 1st 2014  people need coverage and need a place to compare local companies in order to find the right benefits package for themselves. Even after that date no one is obligated to buy through a governmental agency and many people if they do not qualify for a subsidy might be able to get lower cost insurance if they apply for insurance in the open market. We will help you compare to find the best match of benefits at the lowest cost.

Many people will simply go on a temporary plan while they wait until Jan 1st for the subsidized plans to begin.
Short term medical plans have proven to be a very affordable way to get protection when a more expensive comprehensive plan might be too expensive. Get a free health insurance quote  to see if it works for you.
Applicants under the age of 19 also might need a temporary plan due to the special open enrollment dates they are affected by.
We will be able to show you if a full plan or a temporary plan is best at this time.

We have set up a comprehensive website with easy to use links to companies doing business here in Washington and a local Washington based independent insurance agent to help answer any of your questions.  Your name and private information is safe and will not be sold or used by any other agent or agency. A word of caution, most websites that provide insurance quotes will sell your name as a lead to as many as ten agents who all will call you time and time again to help you.  Those sites do not even sell insurance. They only sell leads. Not something my clients would be happy about.
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